Once drank the tree of wisdom


Once drank the tree of wisdom waiting to know the biggest secret even if a moment and full of something even bigger; opened my human conscience and I could see; Not only that, I could even feel the truth revealed to any man, makes you realize that there is nothing greater or more beautiful or more perfect than yourself; when the creator gives, gives everything, nothing left behind, or playing hide and delivery to all. I knew then that are not needed or shields, or swords, or walls, or ceilings, or anything that covers your skin because it has been discovered more intimate light and she wrapped everything and sees everything and everything is you, then you are “One” and “One is all”; there is no reason to judge or to punish, nor claim, nor make to wait; and then “You’re Everything” and remember it only remains who still did not get off his shield and his sword broken forever.
January 26, 2014 Juli8 Perdriel

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