We shared dreams


Yesterday saw my hands and did not understand they were there , just lit things and let go, until one day I wanted to know What else could they do? And I realized they were so perfect tools that help me build not only things but also words and then paragraphs and then stories. Then I looked at my legs and enjoyed to take me everywhere , but did not understand why the men rode on hours of time without stopping to talk and know each other , nobody was interested in my claims , all haste and always wore me was the emptiness of my parting quickly .


Since my body occupied a space , did not know boundaries or kitchen clutter , because I had the joy of existence and it was awesome being.
 But nobody seemed to care what was done, left their trees and shadows underneath dropped as a fact that was what was there and it was nothing more then the fruits I’ve ever tasted ecstatic and did not seem to impress nobody, only eating was common , because they were there , no one can thought as arising from a small seed and no more , with sun and water the only miracles arise .
The air you breathe every minute and fills us with permanent life , the heartbeat that pumps us unceasingly and provides us a thousand miracles of senses and feelings , and has also been there since the beginning of time . No clutch I have not seen anyone thank carrying one , how great so, that keeps us alive and that no one survives without him , because he has always been there from the beginning no one appreciates .


I do not remember who I was before, not because I got here , or where I was wearing really only speculation will likely traces later.

But a ‘m sure and that is that nobody takes me , no rescues me and nobody holds my hand , when I doubt in quiet hours in silence , for not understand , does not mean you love them and do not worry its separate steps of mine, everything in the world is at a turning point and each returns to us in perfect and rotating sphere , takes us with him and do not notice , because you have always been there.


Begin to be aware of the return to what I was before this, a small drop of sap in an immeasurable sea and after a struggle and a long and tireless career, arrived in this world that does nothing and gives everything for nothing change, because it’s free does not mean it is worthless .



It’s time to acknowledge what was always there and no one or very few are still barely aware these days of the value of a step , a sigh or a hug I ask because it’s free and although it has always been


there, nothing is more valuable and nothing is comparable to our souls , the feel and share what you know , what you serve and what you really feel , although it has always been there and is free forever worth , as the first and as the one being that if you have , that is yourself your body and life you lead this gift .

Be thankful and invites your spaces that is not mine and not yours , that is all , we are only shared dreams .


March 22, 2014                                                                            Juli8 Perdriel